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Pannwitz, Michael M mmpanne at boscop.de
Mon Jun 14 13:57:43 PDT 2004

Dear colleagues,
today we received the news from Krakow that both the Ibis Hotel
and the people in charge of the rooms at the Academy of Science
have extended the deadline for booking hotel rooms
and keeping an option on our big meeting room from June 15 to
July 10.
In the last few days I received a number
af emails and calls asking for an
extension of the deadline.
Well, here it is, more space to reflect and to make plans.
Down below you find the updated invitation.
Greetings from Berlin and see you in Krakow.

Dear colleagues,
please register now for the first international gathering on the
"InterActive Organization/open space-organization in Europe" taking
place Friday, September 3 and Saturday, September 4, 2004.
Since we announced these dates two months ago, ten new countries have
joined the European Union and 34 people expressed interest in
gathering on the topic of the InterActive Organization in Europe.
Meeting in Krakow, Poland with its old town and Viliczka Saltmine,
both on the list of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, will give us
an opportunity to explore the developments and challenges
of the InterActive Organization in the expanded Europe.
In addition, we will engage in the task of planning a longer and
larger gathering on the issues and opportunities around
the emerging InterActive Organizations in Europe in the year 2005.
Since the tender loving care of the InterActive Organization needs a
sustained, long range effort, we consider the meeting this year,
followed by a second one in 2005 as the beginning of a longer
learning experience...probably a lifelong journey.

Here are the details:

1. How to register?
Send an email to Jo Töpfer (jotoepfer at boscop.de) no later than July
10, best right away. At the same time transfer the registration fee
of 260 Euros to the account of Michael M Pannwitz.
You are registered when the fee arrives at Michael's account.
Account Nr. 3125652, Bank Identification Nr. 10060237, Name of Bank:
Evangelische Darlehnsgenossenschaft.
IBAN is: DE64210602370000125652
BIG Code is: GenodeF1edg
The registration fee covers the actual expenses for the gathering:
meeting rooms at the Academy, catering, facilitation, assistance,
technical support staff at the Academy, material, printing of the
book of proceedings, etc.
(Not included is your stay at the hotel, see Nr.8 "Where do we

2.What is the focus of our gathering?
First, the exchange among people working in and with organizations on
road towards the InterActive Organization and the development of
practical approaches and strategies in the everyday life of such
Second, the planning of a second gathering in 2005 as part of a
longer strategic exercise in support of the emergence of the
InterActive Organization in Europe.

3. Who will attend?
People working in an organization (private, public, non-profit,
NGO, etc.) that is moving towards the InterActive Organization using
open space-technology along the way
open space-practitioners and facilitators working in such processes.

4.How will we communicate?
The working language is English. But be ready to be surprised.

5. When do we gather?
Friday, September 3, 2004 from 9 am to 6 pm
Saturday, September 4, 2004 from 9 am to 1 pm

6. Who will facilitate our open space?
Marta Medlinska from Warszawa
assisted by Piotr Banach from Kutno, both from the Open Space Group

7.Where do we meet?
In the rooms of the Academy of Science, Krakow, Poland where we will
have a large space for our gathering.

8. Where do we stay?
At the Ibis Hotel Krakow near Wawel Castle in the Center of the city,
walking distance to the Academy of Science.
30 rooms have been reserved at special rates (221 zl or 48 Euro per
night in a single room, 299 zl or 64 Euros per night for 2 people in
a double room with one large bed) until July 10.
Please contact the FIRST CLASS travel agency in Krakow.
Monika Pieczara handles reservations and bookings at the Ibis Hotel
transfer to the Hotel and all other details.
Her email: fckrakow at firstclass.com.pl
Her phone: ++48 - 12-43 11 373
The plan is for all of us to stay at the Ibis Hotel so that we can
easily gather for joint activities before the gathering (on Thursday
evening after arriving in Krakow) and during our gathering (Friday
evening, for instance).

9. What else?
Send this invitation to others that you think need to be in Krakow.
Have a look at the recipients of this mail, they
are the ones who registered their interest with us.

10. Questions?
Best you ask Jo (jotoepfer at boscop.de) he also has the invitation on
his website
but Hans-Georg
(wicke at jfemail.de) and Michael M (mmpanne at boscop.de) are also there.
Jo met Monika Pieczara of the travel Agency in Krakow and had a look
at the rooms in the Academy of Science there while visiting Krakow.
All questions regarding travel, hotel, staying longer for sightseeing
(highly recommended) etc. are best
sent to Monika directly.
Information on Krakow at

Greetings from Berlin and Bonn
Hans-Georg Wicke, Jo Töpfer and Michael M Pannwitz

Michael M Pannwitz
Draisweg 1
12209 Berlin, Germany
FON +49 - 30-772 8000     FAX +49 - 30-773 92 464

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