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Alexander Kjerulf alexander at
Mon Jun 7 14:42:34 PDT 2004


An idea came to me today: What if we created a set of Open Space
introductions on video?

Obviously it's better to be there in person for an OS meeting, but in
some cases that's impossible for one reason or another. What if people
who are in need of an open space meeting, but don't have access to a
trained facilitator could download a 20 minute video of the net and use
that to get started?

The video would be played in front of all the OS participants, and would
take over some of the roles of the facilitator. There would probably
also be a local facilitator, whose job (if that person is not OS-savvy)
would the be somewhat easier.

These videos could also be used for other purposes:
We could use them to inspire each other - We could all get to see how
other OS'ers do it
They could be available in different languages
They could spread OS beyond the reach of the current pool of OS facilitators

The question is of course: Would it work? I have a feeling that OS is a
robust enough tool that it would.

What do you think?



Alexander Kjerulf
alexander at

+45 2688 2373
Tagensvej 126, lejl. 613
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