Creating the World We Want in Education

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Tue Jun 1 08:07:41 PDT 2004

Hello Open Spacers,
It’s amazing to me that I can send an email from my desk in London and
share with thousands (it must be that, at least?) of Open Spacers across
the globe in seconds.  That is so wicked!
I have two things to share:
1.       Next week I will lead my first Open Space to ‘paying’
customers.  A bunch of accountants and customer-service representatives
at a large publishing company in the UK have decided Open Space is
something they want to try as they create what they’re up to for the
next 12 months.  I’m so excited and I’m so nervous!  I look forward to
sharing the story with you, but I have a quick question which I’m sure
someone can answer:  Generally I make the signs for the OS on the day,
usually in marker and rarely very neatly.  For some reason I feel like I
should have printed signs for this one.  Anyone have an opinion why one
is better than the other?  (I imagine this is just my nerves trying to
‘get it right’, but I thought I’d just check.)  Cheers for any advice!
2.       I thought some of you might be interested in something I am a
part of: Creating the World We Want in Education.  This is the first
‘themed’ Creating the World We Want event we are running in London (some
of you may have been to or heard of our previous events).  If you or
anyone you know is passionate about young people, education or the
future of society, and you live in London, I would love to see you
there.  Cost is just £10 to cover expenses and it’s going to be a really
great day.  The invitation is below.
If you’re interested or have any questions, please email me, Bridget
Peake on bpeake at
Thanks to everyone for your wisdom, your sharing and your listening.  I
look forward to your stories (and sharing mine!)

Creating the World We Want in Education
Imagine schools as places of encouragement and inspiration for teachers
and all young people; a generation of young people who take
responsibility and become leaders in their communities; teachers
empowered to nourish the possibility present in each young person; a
system that fosters dreams and gives every single person the opportunity
to fulfil on them; schools as places that transform their communities

An education system that gives every young person the chance and the
skills to be happy, fulfilled and successful and make the contribution
they want to make, now and ongoingly.
What would this look like?
How would it work?
What would this provide for society and the world at large?
What would it be like for everyone involved?
Is this what we want?
If so, how can we make it happen?
You are invited to come and spend the day discovering, sharing and
co-creating what else is possible in education.  Whatever your
background, your knowledge or your experience, if you are passionate
about creating the future for our children and our world, this day is
for you.
Saturday 19TH June 2004
Venue: Hargrave Park School, Hargrave Park, N19 5JN
Cost: £10.00 (to cover expenses only)
Please put the date in your diary and email Bridget Peake (
<mailto:bpeake at> bpeake at to register your interest. 
We will send you more information as it becomes available.  
If you know anyone who might be interested in attending please feel free
to forward this invitation.
Bridget Peake
Open Sesame
Unleashing the Potential
12 Leysfield Road
London W12 9JF
+44 (0) 7776 188 771
bridget at

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