How do you get out of the way?

Lisa Heft lisaheft at
Wed Dec 15 16:20:38 PST 2004

Hi, dear Chris --

You asked:
< You know that moment when you have finished introducing the process
and you
> step out of the way to invite people to begin posting your topics?
> What do you all say to do that?>

I suspect that just like the rest of Open Space holding and speaking,
the actual words you use are great and jewel-like and perfect - or maybe
it's a time when the jewel-like words aren't coming, you bumble through
them and *still* people get the essence.  Or aren't listening by then
anyway because you've already gotten out of the way and invited them to
fill up the space.

I suspect that it isn't the words, but the intention, and the action.
That you must actually get out of the way, let go, give the space to

Which you're very good at, dear Chris.

Whether you say it smoothly or not, whether you step out of the circle
or sit within it, you are stepping out of their way, no?

I find that I say 'and now I invite you to come to think of this
theme/question and come to the center to name your topics (etc.)' and
don't name my getting out of the way... I just do it.


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