Footprints in the Wind/sm # 535

Douglas D. Germann, Sr. 76066.515 at
Wed Dec 29 17:31:08 PST 2004


This one came this morning as I was thinking of an upcoming OS meeting.
Hope it opens some space for you....

                     Footprints in the Wind/sm # 535

  o                                                                o
      We are laboring, birthing a new meaning
      meaning far beyond the field of our confusions,
      immersing all our visions in each others' visions
      deep, we stir up one that's large enough for all,
      settling in right here and now, opening our hearts
      till we are unsettled, jangling in our feet,
      unsettled up and making, making a new thing;
      for we are a people, people of great heart
      a heart that will not ever, ever be contained.
  o                                                                o

   Please pass it on.


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