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Funda Oral fundaokan at superonline.com
Mon Dec 13 03:16:08 PST 2004

from the artice " What American Know-How Has To Learn "

Appreciative Inquiry is based on two assumptions. First, that organizations always move in the direction of the questions their members ask and the things they study and talk about. And second, that energy for positive change is created when organizations engage continually in remembering and analyzing circumstances when they were at their best rather than focusing on problems and how they can be solved. The Appreciative Inquiry approach invites organizations to spend time creating a common vision for their desired future and developing the images and language to bring that vision to life.

Some thoughts and questions :

I have many doubts about "appreciative inquiry"..it seems like an "artifical motivating tool" to me.

How do-you describe  "a positive change"  for an organization or a community?

I find it very dangerous for any organization, community, family, country to concentrate too much on "their desired future" as this can be dividing, selective
and not inclusive.




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