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Jim Metcalf jim9654 at altelco.net
Sat Dec 11 04:49:41 PST 2004


My son called last Tuesday afternoon, needing a little help (always
flattering). He's youth director at a church in Montana. Last year a member
of his group died tragically, and of course, they had a memorial service.
Now the family was asking him to help with a small "year later" event for
about ten people, except that someone got wind of it, and put up posters at
the local high school where the girl had been a student. Fifty people were
now expected that evening. Peter wanted to know if I had any ideas for
helping fifty meet, and they were not interested in another worship service.

I immediately thought of using Open Space, encouraged by this list's
members' insistence that Open Space "is natural". "What the heck?" I
thought. "I'm not highly experienced, but I can tell him a bit about it."
So, I told him about the circle, and the wall, and the post-it notes, "the
law of two feet" and the theme of the meeting is whatever he and the family
agree to and so forth. I pointed him to the web site
http://openspaceworld.org/wiki/wiki/wiki.cgi?AboutOpenSpace and assured him
that there were many other sites if he wanted more instruction. He had to
leave for an appointment then, and we said our good-byes and I-love-yous.

Late that evening he left a message on my voice-mail, saying that 100 people
had shown up. He used Open Space as I had so skillfully taught him, only in
a single round of break-out meetings. People said they were really pleased
with the event and that it had all met their needs very well. My son is
grateful, and I'm a hero.

Only it is all of you who are really heroes. Because you take time to talk
with each other on this list, and let guys like me listen in, and because
you are committed to the practice of peace in its many forms, some folks in
Montana found some comfort and direction the other night. Thanks.


Best Wishes Always,



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