Practice of Peace in Sweden

Thomas Herrmann thomas at
Fri Dec 3 13:07:07 PST 2004

Dear friends in Open Space
I´m sitting here at my computer at the site for our "PoP-workshop" with
Harrison Owen. We´ve had the first day and a lot of good learning has and is
taking place. There are 13 participants, a little but very nice and
interesting group of people from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Gemany
and US. We´re changing the world!
Wishing you a great day
Kind regards
Thomas Herrmann         Phone +46 (0)709-98 97 81
Open Space Consulting   Fax   +46 (0)300-713 89
Pensévägen 4
434 46 Kungsbacka, Sweden
Email: thomas at

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