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Wed May 30 17:17:15 PDT 2001

In a message dated 5/30/01 6:46:49 AM, earthdreams at writes:

<< A few months back, I had a very informative chat with Harrison, who offered

that he likes 90 minute sessions the best.  Why?  Well, he said, it just

seems to works that way.  I prefer three one-hour sessions to two 90-minute

ones.  Why?  I just think it seems to work that way.  I suppose we could

both be right.


In many contexts, I've noticed that when the time is shorter, the group moves
through its cycles more quickly, and when the time is longer, the cycle seems
to expand.  I'm sure that there are natural limits to this process, but to
some extent the matter seems to take care of itself.  I suspect that the
preference for longer or shorter sessions also relates to the individual's
inner rhythms.  As a friend reminds me, "The Open Space process seems to be
remarkably resilient!"


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