making the most of a very short OS

Joelle Lyons Everett JLEShelton at
Tue May 29 21:31:48 PDT 2001


One of my early Open Spaces had a similar short schedule, and they also
wanted to write a vision statement!  I refused to consider writing a vision
statement without a format which allowed participants' concerns and fears to
be discussed openly, so I proposed a short Open Space.

Like you, I thought we would have to have just one session, in spite of a
short beginning.  But the group of forty proposed 13 sessions (and a very
important one which wasn't on the wall happened, as well).  So the group just
agreed to split the time into two sessions, and have lots of concurrent

We even made a good start on writing a vision statement as a group process,
and the group finished it at their next faculty meeting.  I suggested that
their vision statement be attached to a "Book of Visions,"  which looked
remarkably like any OS report.

Each of the 14 groups made a proposal to resolve an obstacle standing in the
way of their vision, and in a few months, every proposal had been
implemented.  This just goes way beyond what you usually get with an ordinary
planning process.

I thought Laurel's proposed schedule and her comments about theme were right
on target, and I'm sure you will have an exciting meeting.  Of course we want
to know what happens. . .

Joelle Everett

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