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At 11:35 AM 5/29/01 -0700, Laurel wrote:

>Regarding your theme, I wonder if "What can we realistically do this year
>and who is going to do it?" is the tone you want to set.  If you're aiming
>to energize folks and focus them on the future, putting the theme in that
>context sort of puts a damper on creating commitment, excitement and
>passion.  Sticking to only what is "realistic" and setting the timeframe
>within the next year may not be the best way to find the creative solutions
>that OST is so able to accomplish.  I'd be leaning toward something "sexier"
>like "Making Ithaca dollars the currency of choice"  or "Enhancing community
>spirit in Ithaca with local currency" - with that type of theme, you'll have
>both the structural types and the promoters finding their common ground
>(passion!) and then being able to build from there.

I totally second Laurel's observation on themes... Particularly this theme.
Make sure there is plenty of space there in which people can grow --
getting beyond what's "realistic" on to something that might be exciting,
challenging, perhaps impossible, but nevertheless worth doing. I do
understand all the conversation around "givens" -- but I also understand
that all too often, the "givens" are big stones around your neck when you
are trying to swim across the river. Truthfully, I never met a "given" that
couldn't be changed, given the passion and commitment to do so. It may take
a little time, and occur in ways not in accord with the conventional
wisdom, but there you are.


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