4-H Camp & Open Space

Joelle Lyons Everett JLEShelton at aol.com
Mon May 28 17:18:52 PDT 2001

Your story confirms my feeling that the place and your practice have a
healing quality that is very needed in the world at this time.

Florian's concept that each party should come part way, to a place that does
not "belong" to either, has a lot of merit.  I'm reminded of a friend who, at
a very busy time in her life, agreed to meet her stepmother, who was visiting
from across the state, at an airport hotel which had a lovely Sunday brunch.
The two spent a wonderful half-day in the deepest conversation they had had
for years--probably their last long conversation, as the younger woman died
of cancer about a year after that, and her stepmother died two weeks after
she did.


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