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>From: Mick Walsh <southbank_mgt at>
>Subject: Re: Soft Skills and OS
>Date: Wed, May 23, 2001, 6:03 AM

>Hi Rob,
>I have not used open space as you intend to, but I did use OS with Masters
>students last year.  Our course co-ordinator asked me to hold space for my
>fellow students at the end of first semester in the final year of the
>The theme was the question " What do I need to do to successfully complete
>my thesis by the end of semester"? The givens were of an academic nature,
>such as submission dates etc.
>I was concerned about the time available - a three-hour session.  Being
>somewhat obsessive / compulsive I was concerned that we would not cover the
>issues in detail.  As it turns out, the three hours allotted became one and
>a half hours due to other academic commitments.
>My concerns were not realised and the outcomes reinforced the tenet that we
>should "trust the process".
>Of the twenty five students, eleven attended.  Twenty one issues were posted
>in the marketplace and twelve were resolved to the satisfaction of students
>and co-ordinator.  The only principles I compromised were 'when it
>starts.... when it's over...'  Because of the short timeframe available I
>decided to become the time keeper - something which caused me some angst at
>the time but in retrospect it actually worked.  I am something of  a purist
>when it comes to OS (if there is such a thing) but I realised that sometimes
>things can be changed - whatever happens?
>Ideally I would not hold space as I have described, which reflects my
>personal preference and agenda for holding space.  However, I cannot argue
>with the results.  The most pleasing comment expressed on closing the space
>was " I thought this would be far more complex".
>I am not sure if this helps.  If you would like more in-depth information
>then you may contact me at southbank_mgt at
>Best of luck
>Mick Walsh
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>Subject: Soft Skills and OS
>> Soft skills and OS
>> I am running a soft skills program for MBA students. Up to know the
>> covers some theory but is mostly experiental. As closing of this semester
>> a thinking of an OpenSpace as course wrap up. Who did this before?
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