Soft Skills and OS

Blake Mills MmmBlake at
Wed May 23 09:56:36 PDT 2001

Dear Rob,

I held an OS at the end of a six week program on project management where I
was teaching the last week on "leadership, management and communications".
The OS theme was "How can we integrate what we have learned back at the
ranch?"  The "ranch" was government offices spread out in the western region
of the US.  Some of the topics were:  How do we deal with resistance to new
ideas, since we are the change agents for our agency? - How do we deal with
upper management who have not learned project management basics nor attended
these courses?  How do we stay connected? (got the most attendance)  It was
only a 1/2 day OS but they came up with concrete answers and actions.  As
usual, some people were resistant at first but wonderfully satisfied at the
end.  They ended with an luncheon highly energized.   Many said OS was the
best part of their journey through the classes and a great capstone.

So go for it!

Nancy Blake Mills

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