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>Hello all.
>I'm Jack Hawley, one of the old (literally and
>figuratively), first OSers from away back to UNH
>days--and I'm brand new to OSLIST, and enjoying it.

Welcome Jack! And for those of you who may be rather curious -- Jack is
indeed an original Open Spacer and a man of many talents. Not the least of
which is his ability to see deeply into our common humanity -- and also to
write about that perception with clarity and power. His latest effort, "The
Bhagavad Gita: A Walk through For Westerners" is -- to put it simply --
wonderful. Jack's appearance on this list, along with his new book is a
little piece of synchronisity in the light of our recent discussions of
Letting Go. The "Gita" may be viewed as the first and probably most
important treatise on that subject. One might even think of this short book
as the original guide to Open Space -- as in the open space of our lives.
It's a great read. Thank you Jack.


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