One Day OS Training

Bruce Craig bcraig at
Tue May 8 06:06:48 PDT 2001

Harrison Owen wrote:

>  I do have one concern, however. The "hardest part" of effectively
> facilitating an Open Space is NOT the mechanics (words, motions,
> logistics) it is all about letting go. Over the years, I have found
> that in the longer programs, the central issue that is worked, and
> reworked is just that -- Letting Go. And indeed, Letting Go is an
> on-going lesson for all of us.


Thank you for you kind words and encouragement.

We have been debating about what the focus for the mini open space in
the training should be - and I think you have picked it!  "The challenge
of letting go" would be a great theme within the workshop.   I guess,
for me, "letting go" *is* one of the "nuts and bolts" of Open Space -
and one of the key success factors.

Sharon (on Bruce's email)
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