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Working in health care, I've encountered great resistance to any activity
perceived as wasting time . . . hence, one of the things folks in this field
appreciate the most about OST is that we jump right in to the important
discussions.  Even though participants don't know each other, they have
great passion for a common interest.  In fact, when I'm first meeting with
sponsors unfamiliar with OST, they often ask specifically that there be no
warm-up events and NO GAMES!!


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I've heard some criticism of open space along the lines of the group not
being warmed up enough for the bulletin board and market place.

I've never used a specific warm-up immediately before opening the space
(although I have been involved in or used storytelling the previous night
as well as playback theatre).

I think I believe (that's confidence for you :-) that if the OS theme is
appropriate and the group are passionate then a warm-up is not needed.
However my recent research into warm ups for new groups, cohesive groups
and ending groups has raised the question about a warm-up especially for a
new group (where the participants don't know each other very much or at
all). Would such warm-ups (before opening the space) add or detract from
the experience? I'd be interested in your thoughts and experiences.

Viv -- my experience says that your belief is well founded. I have never
seen any attempt to "warm a group up" for Open Space that materially
improved performance. More usually it seems to get in the way, and may
actually be counter-productive. My best example was a bank that decided to
hedge its bet in Open Space by doing a day of creativity enhancement up
front. Truthfully it was grand fun, but at the end most folks asked why we
wasted all that time. I can imagine warm-ups being useful in situations
where you have a whole mess of folks gathered together about some issue for
which they have no passion -- which unfortunately seems to be the situation
in many of our organizational meeting. But if we encounter that situation at
the beginning of an Open Space, we simply haven't done our homework. That
space never should have been opened --


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