One Day OS Training

Sharon Quarrington sharonq at
Mon May 7 23:23:50 PDT 2001

After much discussion my partner (Bruce Craig) and I have decided to
offer a one day "Intro to OST" training.  We are both enamoured by
this thing called Open Space and want to increase it's presence in our
own lives and in the world.

We are hoping that this one day will be sufficient to give people the
confidence to try OS on their own - we know we cannot go into the
depth of the full 3 or 4 day "intro" training but think that there are
people who might be willing to try Open Space in their organizations
if they understood it a little better. We will be providing a copy of
the user guide as required pre-reading so that people will come to the
session familiar with the process.

Has anyone else done a one day training in OS?   How did it work?  How
much of the training time was spent in Open Space?   Did people who
came to your session learn enough to use OST on their own?

I guess my fear is that in one day we will just give enough people
enough knowledge to get into trouble - but then I remember that this
is not just any "training tool" this is Open Space and somehow OS
seems to take care of itself.

Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome.

BTW the session is in Toronto on June 8th -


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