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Fri May 4 22:57:39 PDT 2001

Dear colleagues,

the 1.5 days OS with the diverse group of 20 people from 7 European
countries on "How can we co-ordinate our trans-European volunteer
programme" is over now. Our general approach to the languages issue was,
that we defined English as the first and major language, but we organized
some supporting measures:
- open the space and walking the circle in two languages (English [me] and
Russian [Rayk])
- having one professional interpreter around all the time
- name badges with the languages marked on (one is able to speak)
- reading the reports not in the circle but in small groups for translating
- all plenary sequences (evening news, morning news, convergence etc.) in
two languages

It worked out fine! The group posted 14 issues, 9 reports were produced
(all in English!) and in the convergence a detailed plan for the network
building and a volunteer event in St.Petersburg (Russia) was made. The
level of self-organization was quite high and the participants managed to
find their way through it.

Thank you for all your suggestions and comments. It helped very much to
design the OS. And many thanks to the facilitation-team (Irmi and Rayk) -
it was fun to work with you!

best regards

Jo Toepfer
Tel: +49-30-42018000
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