4-H Camp & Open Space

florian fischer florianfischer at ff-wey.com
Fri May 25 09:25:26 PDT 2001

Chris Weaver schrieb:

>  an invitation to help.
> .....the directorship of an 80-acre 4-H youth camp in
> the Black Mountains of North Carolina, ..........this 4-H camp as an
> Open Space Organization. .........
> the state of North Carolina announced the elimination of my position and the
> impending closure of the camp on June 1 due to a severe state budget
> shortfall.  .........how to help with our effort
> dear chris,
> first i´m glad to hear something what you are really doing everyday.
> now it´s in danger your job and the camp.
> it may help to think about not first to rescue the camp and your job
> but to help how to run the crisis of the state budget. why not offer the
> camp as a place (think tank) in form of open!space for the government
> for giving space unexpected solutions, which never did come from
> the former and fomal think tanks.
> it may happen, that on that way the camp and you will get more funds
> than ever had been asked for.
> going back behind a question and going on beyond an imaginable answer
> may serve when being forced. and it is leading naturally to an invitation for
> an open!space.
> inviting instead of fighting.
> this evening i´ll throw a stone to the berlin-river spree,
> the ripples may touch you and may influence your situation.
> florian

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