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  for folks interested in Interplay (improvisational movement, a sort of an
open space for the body), here are the worldwide contacts:

  Oakland, CA:  Cynthia Winton-Henry & Phil Porter 510-814-9584
  Asheville, NC:  Meg MacLeod  828-254-6484
  Raleigh/Durham, NC:  Ginny Going and Tom Henderson 919-821-3723 or
interplaync at
  Seattle:  Krista Gemmel Harris 206-784-8030
  Minneapolis:  CathyAnn Beaty 612-933-3234
  Chicago:  Jane Siarny  630-860-0605  or  opc at
  Indiana:  Linda Schlabach Miller  219-533-4450
  St. Louis, Missouri: Colette Eichenberger 1-800-699-44052
  Boston:   Ellen Oak  978-987-0495
  Santa Fe:   Janie Oakes  505-988-2905
  Dallas/Fort Worth:  Sheila Collines  817-483-6267
  Lansing, Michigan:  Roberta Otten-Mason  517-669-8051
  Australia:   Rod Pattenden  612-9331-2646
  Bankok, Thailand:   Debra Weir 662-982-4003 or John McConville


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