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At 04:57 PM 2/26/01 +0100, you wrote:
>Working with the management of the school we have established the theme
>which is about the future of the school, and the givens. The storytelling
>will start at 6 pm the evening before. I will use the methodology learned
>from my training with Birgitt. I hope the snow melts or I will have problems
>finding so many stones!

Well you could just turn off the heat and use snow balls :-)

>Can you see any special considerations when working
>with such a large group?

the one thing I have found is to set and clearly announce an "end-time."
Whatever happens in between is what will happen. You might also use the
"rules" of the Talking Stick -- Speak with respect, listen with respect --
and definitely respect the time available. Usually works -- at least I've
never seen it not work. And if the group wants to continue after The End
Time -- so be it -- but everybody else is free to use the Law of Two Feet.
Or something.


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