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Thanks for the feedback.

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My conclusion about the hybrid preamble issue:
Harrison asked, what would have happened in the absence of prescribing group
behaviors?  My answer is that, yes, more topics would have been posted, and
the event would have had a better lift-off.  My two-page preamble did close
the space some - in fact, I felt it happening at the time, and got nervous,
which didn't help.

So I ask myself, What to do, since the preamble was very important to the

What I conclude is that the heart of that preamble was important enough to
the sponsor that, for this event, it should have been communicated as a
"given."  Just as some organizations have givens about the budget or the
proposal approval process, this sponsor had a given that this event was
about learning circles, so people should try to stay grounded in their
direct experience, instead of engaging in abstract debate.

I could have said that in two lines, instead of two pages!

And, next time around with this organization, this given may no longer be
necessary at all.

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