Story of OST with Youth

romy shovelton romys at
Tue Feb 13 07:13:52 PST 2001

Hi Chris and all

I am lucky enough to be about to facilitate an event for young people in
Northern Ireland - in Craigavon which includes the oft heard of Portadown
area etc..... (26th/27th Feb - a storytelling evening on 26th followed by a
day in Open Space ).

Feeling hugely humble about this work (which includes an event for adults
in the community a week later (8th/9th March).

it's great to see your inspiration as always Chris.... and I pray that I
may have a similar story to tell....  while knowing that we are working
with an extraordinarily difficult situation.  We are having young people
from the existing Youth Council at the event: they have experience of
assisting in mediation with their peers and will take part as everyone
else, while keeping their eyes and ears open to assist with anything that
looks as if serious physical conflict might erupt.

please keep us all in your Open Space minds and spirits


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