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spirit & feetI've been intrigued by the way Anne Stadler has been speaking about the law of 2 feet lately: one foot of passion and one of responsibility.


P.S.  Most of you probably don't know Anne, since she doesn't like listservs.  I sometimes describe her as the godmother of Open Space as she has quietly contributed a great deal to theory and practice of OS over the years.  I am saddened that we don't have the benefit of her voice on this list.  

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  Dear OSLIST,

  Thanks, Chris C and others, for your work on the FAQs.

  Just to stir the ever-stirring pot:

  Whatever happens is the only thing that did.


  Also, a comment on how I describe the law.  I used to always say, as it's stated in the FAQs, "If you're in a place where you are neither learning nor contributing, go to somewhere where you can."  This certainly speaks to people who are accustomed to being trapped in meetings.  But two weeks ago at an event, someone came up to me and asked, "Can I use my feet even if I'm learning?"  Since then, I am aligning more with something Jeff posted somewhere a month or two ago:

  It's the spirit that moves the feet.

  Or something like that.


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