Accessibility To Training

Joelle Lyons Everett JLEShelton at
Fri Feb 9 20:10:15 PST 2001

I'm glad to have a conversation about accessibility of OS training.  One
thing that I haven't heard in the discussion so far is the idea of making
training available in even more parts of the world--Harrison, Birgitt,
Michael P. and others have been offering training in many places.  I'm sure
others are interested.

For someone who lives in another part of the world, significant travel costs
must be added to the fees for training, and exchange rates sometimes make
this difficult.  It is more cost-effective to send a couple of trainers
somewhere to train 10 or 15 people than to fly 10 or 15 people a long
distance.  So, this is another approach to think about.

In other types of training, I often invite someone at a reduced rate or make
an exchange for their assistance with the training or another project.  Like
Michael H, I've never turned away a truly interested person for lack of ready

In regard to training, as well as in preparing for an Open Space, a good
question to ask ourselves is, "Who else might we like to have here?"


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