Accessibility To Training

Michael M Pannwitz mmpanne at
Fri Feb 9 16:41:51 PST 2001

Dear list,
here are a couple of lines from michael herrmanns thoughts on
accessibility to training:

>if what we want is more trainings, we need more trainers.
>if our passion is for more trainings available to more people, then we
>need to support an increase in the number of folks who feel ready,
>willing and able to teach others directly.

I agree with those two statements.
And here is what I do.
When I get hired to conduct a training (I have stopped to offer
trainings, thats just too much of a hassle), which happend three
times last year and will happen twice in the first half of 2001, I
tell the people hiring me that I like to work in a team with one or
two more people.  If they have someone who wants to work with me, I
ask if that person has been trained as a facilitator and if the
person is facilitating open space events. If that is the case and I
do not know the person I ask that he or she work with me on the
training under the condition that they participate in an open space
event as co-facilitator with me.
In this manner, there are always colleagues at the training events.
My great hope is then, that they themselves conduct trainings. In one
case, a person that has worked with me on a training is now being
hired to conduct a training and has asked me in turn to work with
him. Now we are in the happy position to be able to coach, consult,
support and have other surprises in store for each other in this
training event scheduled for 2002.
Also, I encourage people working on trainings to attend training
events conducted by HO, BW and others that they feel attracted to.
Not only because of their professional qualities but also because of
the differing cultural background (just think of HO with his hat) and
The cost of trainings in my parts varies immensely. The public agency
hiring me for a training this May is asking the equivalent of US$ 250
for a full 4,5 day trainings including room and board. They are
filling their 50 slots in record time. The church agency that trained
50 people last year charged US$ 300 for the same arrangement and had
to turn down a large number of applicants. The private outfit in
Sweden offering a training coming June is asking US$ 1000 for the
training fee, room and board will be on top of that. So there is not
such a huge rush for that event, laid out for 50 participants.
So I encourage church organisations, welfare organisations and public
agencies to put on their own trainings ... they often have access to
subsidized room and board and get funds from third parties to pay my
fee. They are also developing differentiated fees in that they charge
their regular fee for people coming from their own organization and
higher fees for people coming from the "outside".
In my own experience with about 11 training events I was involved in
with several hundred participants I have not had one case of someone
not being able to attend because of the fee being too high, there was
always some arrangement made to include everyone.
Greetings from Berlin

Michael M Pannwitz
Draisweg 1
12209 Berlin, Germany
FON +49 - 30-772 8000     FAX +49 - 30-773 92 464

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