Ken Wilber, Spiral Dynamics, Open Space .....

Barry Owen homselr at
Tue Feb 6 05:53:46 PST 2001

I've been dragging my copy of "Sex, Ecology and Spirituality" around with me
for the past 4 years . . . I find it especially useful when I get the
feeling my mind is beginning to stagnate and have the need for a mental
stimulous injection - WOW!

Another reason I enjoy Ken Wilber's writing so much is that he does write
with a very distinct sense of humour albeit extremely intricately written .
. . He never fails to blow my mind and I find myself in good spirits after
each of my "lessons" from his book.

I know this is good stuff, because I'm not really sure I will EVER really be
"done" with this book. I have been meaning to pick up the other Wilber books
. . . just haven't had the guts - YET! (grin)


Simply living the FourFold Way in Open Space . . .

Barry Owen
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