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>>So when you ask, " what are the special and different conditions that are
>>at work during OST?" I guess I have to say -- nothing new. Just life. (...)
>>Don't do Open Space. Just live.

No disagreement... and I think this might be a case where my American
English became a little obscure. When I say -- "Just live" I don't
understand that to be nothing, or in any sense trivial. Creating an
environment in which people can be fully themselves ("Just live") is
indeed  a major contribution. I think that is what we do. But the point is
we can't give them what they already have. However, we may give them an
insight to the gifts they already have, should they choose to use them.

At some level it is all about choice, and the fact (I think) that people
really do have it. Even in a fascist state -- or its somewhat less
Draconian re-incarnation in the contemporary corporation (small joke),
people have choices. To be sure the cost sometimes appears to be impossibly
high, but the choices remain. They can choose to be their full selves, and
take the consequences. Or they can choose to put up with the current
situation (whatever that might be) and take a different set of
consequences. But the choices remain, as do the consequences. Maybe the
gift of Open Space is to radically confront folks with their choices?


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