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At 01:41 AM 2/1/01 +0100, Christoph
>In the first place there is no connection between choas theory (fractals,
>Julia sets, bifurcation, you name it) and Prigogine's work.

Technically correct, I am sure, but Ilya did have a few things to say about
chaos and emergent order. One might even say he had a point of view, a
theory (greek theorein to see). Actually it has always been interesting to
me that many of the so called Chaos Theorists avoid I.P. I suspect that may
have more to do with politics that science. But whatever.

>And, by the way: No real world system or organisation is in state of
>equilibrium. You may have stationary states, where a sort of dynamic
>balance is maintained. But more often you find the transitional state to be
>the most common, the "normal" case. And yes, here chaos theory as well as
>Prigogine's self-organisation *may* apply. Not guaranteed. Still it is
>worth while to use analogies and give them a try.

I guess that is the real point.


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