Storytelling evening, large group

Thomas Herrmann thomas.herrmann at
Mon Feb 26 07:57:59 PST 2001

Hi dear friends on the list.
Next week I will be having my first storytelling evening, prior to a two-day
open space technology event. I feel pretty confident but would anyhow like
to hear some of your experiences with large groups. There will be 100
participants, all staff from a school + the students council. We have a
large room where all will be seated in a "double-circle".
The school works with adults.
Working with the management of the school we have established the theme
which is about the future of the school, and the givens. The storytelling
will start at 6 pm the evening before. I will use the methodology learned
from my training with Birgitt. I hope the snow melts or I will have problems
finding so many stones! Can you see any special considerations when working
with such a large group? I haven't come to think of any yet, except from
practical matters. I will e g have to use a microphone. Thanks Chris for
your contributions on storytelling lately! I would appreciate to hear from
more of you folks who work with storytelling before OST.
Thomas Herrmann      Phone +46 (0)709-98 97 81
Open Space Consulting
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434 46 Kungsbacka
Email: thomas.herrmann at
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