Illusion of successful change

Glory Ressler on.the.edge at
Wed Feb 21 13:50:41 PST 2001

Dear all
Peggy wrote>
In practice, all it takes is one person living a different belief --
anyone can bring about change -- to begin the shift.  Clearly change is
static.  Wherever it starts, it must move to others for a shift to take
place.  Ultimately, that means the top gets involved.  But contrary to
conventional wisdom which I think shuts off enormous potential, change
come from anywhere.
and Laurel wrote>
I believe that all meaningful change comes from the bottom up, either
through revolution or evolution.
I agree with these two wise women and would add that evolution occurs
unconsciously, for the good of our collective survival.  It leaves clues
all the time; every individual or collective disturbance is a message.
I would suggest that change is natural and that, in fact, it is
straining to emerge via these disturbances all the time.  The issue, for
me, is, 'Can we become more conscious in this process?'  Anyone - top,
middle, bottom - who articulates and therefore helps to catalyze this
aligns with it.  The issue becomes whether we are moving with or against
the disturbance.  Against works, for a time, but requires enormous
energy and demands huge costs. The wisdom way is to move with the
disturbance.  What is it demanding of us? Once a critical mass is
reached there is no stopping it. It is natural.


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