Post Soviet countries

Gy örgy Beck gbeck at BECKGROUND.HU
Mon Feb 19 10:22:22 PST 2001

ear Hape,

Thank you for the - bad news. :-) You were reinforcing my experience.
As far as the German (and I would say German speaking - Austrian, Swiss)
companies are concerned the rule of management is rather the first version,
what you called being their king.
I would phrase it differently: they are not going to be their king as long
as the colleagues volunteer to be their oeying subordinates.

The initiatives and independent thinking is something, that they think to
undermine their power.

Another interesting group of expat managers are the South-East Asian CEO-s
who are very pushy and got used to what they experienced at home, the
unconditional obeyedness. (And they also have some extreme preformance push
from home.)

There are many German speaking companies in Hungary. Because of the above
experience and let me admit, my prejudice, these companies are not my
highest priority prospects...
Once I worked with a bright Austrian CEO, who tried to "manage" by
putting "prescriptions" on the company bulletin board and thought it  would
be accomplished. He was one of the exceptions. It was a hard work to make a
bridge between him and the Hungarian staff...


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