Nyitott T ér - Fórum

Gy örgy Beck gbeck at BECKGROUND.HU
Thu Feb 15 01:55:17 PST 2001

Dear Everyone,

Earlier I was using a training methodology, having a brandname around the
world. I decided to keep it, since the potential clients could have been
(it has failed because of serious price concerns) global companies, using
exactly the same programme in different countries e.g. for sellers of the
same product.

Harrison, I am not going to hide or forget the original name. Also I am
ready to change, if my solution seem not working. Though we have different
words, for the space, where the stars are, the room, where people gather,
for the space what I make when I am writing these words, and use the same
word for the square and the space. (In Hungarian the "space and time" would
sound the same as the "square and weather" :-)))

There are lots of words coming into Hungarian from English. The Space for
the everyday people would mean the one with the stars above us. That's why
I was talking about lunatic sound.

I agree, that the Rose can be called any way, if we know, what is behind
the name. I think a name tag today should also be a buzz word  that is
saying, what we want to say, without much explanation.

The translation is using the (correct) Hungarian translation of the OS plus
the Fórum. Let me explain. The "Nyitott Tér" means, that someone, the
sponsor is opening a space for discussions and the Fórum (just like Artur
was suggesting) is very much reminding to the discussion method on the
Forum Romanum, the borning place of democracy. The "technology" sounds very
technocratic in Hungarian. I could have replace with something like
methodology, but this word is overused nowadays.

So, folks, don't worry, I try to do my best in introducing the OST in
Hungary. This is something that we need badly and something that would help
to bring about painful changes. My problem is, how to have the - normal -
pain accepted...

Regards to all, Gyuri

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