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Michael M Pannwitz mmpanne at
Tue Feb 13 03:45:50 PST 2001

Dear Gyoergy,
its utterly lunatic, I agree and here is my experience:
facilitate an open space whenever the opportunity arises, with a
group you know, with a voluntary organisation that you feel close to,
with a neighborhood activity, an NGO you are in touch with, a
business, the school your kids go to.(Have a look at my website,
under open space, Praxisberichte, its in German but you get the
You will be amazed, as I was, about the repercussions and ripples, or
in other words, "Be ready to be surprised".
Further down the road an opportunity to earn a fee will come along.
I have developed the approach that I ask a flat fee, regardless of
big the group or how short the os. This flat fee includes basically
all or a number of the things that follow:
-meetings with the client on matters like the issue, invitation,
people to invite, is this the right time, are you aware of what will
happen when you embark on os realizing that it always works, what are
the givens
-looking over the invitation once it has been produced as a draft
version by the client
-visiting the space proposed for the os
-supplying a detailed list on what materials are needed including
where they can be most readily obtained
-setting up the facility before the event with the assistents
-coaching the sponsor on him opening the space (that 3 minute speech
at the very beginning)
-facilitating the event (which in general is the smaller part of the
time investment)
-debriefing with the team, with the client
-a follow up meeting to see what happened with "next steps" about 6
8 weeks later (3,5 hours or half a day)
My flat fee is for an event of up to one day's length, when it is
longer, which I always suggest, I charge an additional flat fee for
each additional day, the os never being more than 3 days total.
And then there is discussion with clients that have restricted the 83 instances of os I have facilitated I think I have
charged no fee in about 15% and varied the fee in other ways in about
20%, this seems to compare with the practive of other colleagues I
have talked to.....I think there were only two instances where a
contract failed on the money question.
What I find is  - and this has nothing to do with os but is something
I practised in my former life without os - that I consult with a
client that has little ressources about sources of funds (public,
private, foundation, asking participants for a contribution).
So in summary, my impression is, and others have stated this
frequently on the list,
you dont sell os
it rarely fails because of limited ressources
wish you great success and many lunatic experiences in Hungary

On Tue, 13 Feb 2001 01:53:37 -0700, György Beck wrote:

>Dear Friends,
>Up till now I was lurking, except one trial to submit suggestions to the
>form of correspondence, that was unreplied.
>But this was only the intro.
>I would like to raise an issue after introducing myself.
>I am Hungarian, living in Hungary and having been participated in the first
>ever OSonOs last November.
>I am very keen on trying to introduce the OST in Hungary, since the society
>would need it very much.
>Let me have some questions, hoping you will put them on their correct place
>Business - here I could read some points on the OST being free though we
>should make a living on it.
>Let me use an example - I can use the Reiki Energy, being tuned in (sorry
>if the wordings are improper), but
>I could never ask money for helping someone, because it is not MY energy
>(and I am not professional enough, and it is very difficult, if I really
>The question: how do you quote prices to the clients. Is it a daily based
>fee, or something else?
>Clients - In relationship with the above issue - I read jealously your
>report about working with groups, that have the corresponding groups in
>Hungary (like minorities)
>and could never raise any found to pay any fee for something like the OS.
>So at the moment I see as potential client only the multinationals, getting
>to Hungary and trying to introduce a new management/organization culture.
>Name - Actually I was translating the name into Hungarian, when the first
>reaction was on the name
>Open Space, that it is something to do with the moon i.e. lunatic staff.
>Looking forward to your comments:
>György (George) Beck
>Hungary, Budapest

Michael M Pannwitz
Draisweg 1
12209 Berlin, Germany
FON +49 - 30-772 8000     FAX +49 - 30-773 92 464

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