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Fri Feb 9 09:03:11 PST 2001

Dear OST Friends:

A discussion took place at the Open Space Institute - US board meeting (via 
telephone) last month that is worth sharing.  In fact, I took on the 
responsibility to convey this discussion.  It had to do with accessibility to 
OST training programs.  I began the discussion by asking the question, "Why 
are the training sessions for OST usually so expensive?"

As we talked about this issue, a more important question came out, which was 
how to make training opportunities more accessible for people everywhere.  
The concern I have is, if we recognize a need to be more inclusive in 
bringing people into the OST community, then how do we provide more access to 
training?  And cost is certainly one of the barriers we must overcome.

The issue of inclusiveness was one of the prominent themes of the Berlin 
OSonOS this past fall.  So the challenge is not just for any single country, 
but a challenge worldwide.

OSI-US has made a commitment to providing help in making OST more available 
to people and groups everywhere who may need assistance.  In our membership 
renewal letter that will soon be emailed out, we have stated the following 
guidelines for granting assistance: 

"We are setting aside funds to offer assistance for a variety of things 
related to open space.  Whether it is providing books or helping to secure a 
facilitator to do training, we can be of help.  The goals developed are as 

· To support under-served areas
· To support involvement in open space
· To leverage recipients action and resources with OSI-US actions and funds
· To have commitments from recipients to share the stories of their OST     

We would ask that anyone who can help us improve upon this effort, please do 
so.  Raising and dispensing funds is just one idea for making training 
opportunities more accessible to people everywhere.  What else might we be 

Thank you,

David Koehler
Member, OSI-US Board

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