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Thu Feb 8 11:17:07 PST 2001

I agree with Laurel, Michelle and Joelle's comments.

I like having a good level of activity in the main room but I also like
to keep a fair amount of space there in case there are topics that have
a very large gathering and need that biggger space - not all venues have
that outside the main room.

Perception of the authenticity of the principle of the two feet
(responsibility and freedom of choice) is very important. I like to be
clear that people are not expected to be in the main room. Some
facilitators and sponsors have said to me that they wanted everyone in
the main room so people would not take advantage of being in the hallway
to make phone calls or not go to discussion groups. That obviously goes
against the principles and spirit of OS (trust and two feet) and it
means I'll have conversations with the sponsor for sure before I accept
to do that OS.

Also not everyone is comfortable to have a thoughtful deep discussion
among sometimes intense noise - like not everybody can listen to the
radio as they work. We have different learning styles and preferences
that affect our comfort level and our productivity.

I try to communicate that people are trusted and have a choice by giving
options: the first few columns of post-its are for spots in the main
room (peole tend to pick up post-its closest to the beginning of the
Post-it board), followed by post-its for break-out rooms, ending with
more post-it columns for main room sites. Participants also here through
the explanation of the principles that they have responsibility to meet
their needs.

At the end they go where they need to go. And I let go. The energy
created is their's..."whatever happens..."


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