talking circle/racial issues

Chris Weaver chris at
Wed Feb 7 05:54:54 PST 2001

Barbara Sliter wrote,

 I am wondering if anyone has used something similar in dealing with racial
issues?  or with community police issues?


My only experience with a talking circle that directly dealt with racial
issues was in a diverse community that was holding a fundraising auction.
There was a controversy over whether to serve alcohol at this event.  Native
American people in the community were strongly opposed, and a vocal group of
non-Indian people were very upset about this.  It took a three-hour talking
circle with about 40 people to reach resolution.  It worked; the resolution
was based on a much-deepened understanding across racial lines, in both
directions.  I believe that a talking circle is a powerful process for such
issues...and that opening the space, and holding it, is a heavy-duty, if
mostly silent, piece of work.

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