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Don Ferretti dferrett at
Thu Feb 1 11:26:35 PST 2001

I like seeing this term "meme" show up on the list.  I first ran across it in Art Kleiners book "The Age of The Heretics." He said it is a term coined by Geneticist Richard Dawkins, referring to the "Secular Millennium" a time when a fervent aspiration of Millenarians emerged in the twelfth century and came to be known as the "brethren of the free spirit.. And that a meme is a cultural element such as an idea, that replicates itself, moving through conversation and media through cultural forms of natural selection, acquiring new traits as it evolves.  The Agora all over again?


>>> Larry Peterson <lpasoc at> 02/01/01 10:09AM >>>
At a much more applied level,  "Surfing the Edge of Chaos: The Laws of
Nature and the New Laws of Business"  (2000. Pascale, Millerman, Gioja,
Crown Business Publishing Group) is trying to apply some of the theory.  I
think it is pretty good at articulating an organic understanding of
organizations and self-organization.  "Spiral Dynamics"  is an interesting
theory base as to the different waves of self-organization (meme's) through
which organizations go in both consciousness and behavior (in fact all of
Wilbur's Quadrants but they don't work them that well).  It states that the
levels of consciousness are in fact self-organizing organisms or "meme's".
I thinks that's interesting.


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