Seeking support for OS in the SF Bay area

kerry napuk k at
Thu Feb 1 03:42:27 PST 2001

Susan Partnow

There is an active Youth Parliament in Scotland which parallels the
new Parliament created two years ago.  Perhaps, one way to start is
with young people who are more open to new ways of doing things
without most of the control baggage older people carry.

We are facilitating an event in Glasgow on 3 March with the Social
Justice Committee of the Parliament and 130 people from community
organisations all around Scotland.

We also have an 18 minute video of two open space events we
faciliated for Glasgow City Council's best value review of museums
(65 people) and Heriot-Watt University's designing a responsive
university (142 people).  If you want a copy, please let me know and
provide an address.  A video might be the next best thing to
attending, although direct experience at an event is always better.

Finally, our website lists 44 events over the last four years which
might make your sponsors feel more comfortable.  If they want to talk
with any of these sponsors, we can provide names and communication


Kerry Napuk, Director
Open Futures Ltd.
10 West Savile Road
Edinburgh EH16 5NG

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