Green Building in Ithaca

Chris Corrigan corcom at
Fri Feb 23 00:08:20 PST 2001

Jeff Aitken wrote:

>  I like Chris
> Corrigan's question, what are you taking out of the building? (or something
> like that, sorry Chris)

Apology accepted (!)  Actually that line is kind of a mantra for me, and I
repeat it constantly with clients, so that we focus on the future rather than
all the cool stuf that is happening now.  Not that there's anything wrong with
being focussed on the moment, but at a certain it's time to think about "how we
get this out of the room."

I also echo Laurel's comments -  a really nice observation. I often err on the
side of longer sessions when I can, as it does give people a chance to take a
breather too.

Good luck Todd, and tell us how it goes...


PS  Q: How many cops does it take to stop a train robbery?

A: Three.  One to book the theives and two to put the train back.

Ba dum dum.

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