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BJ Peters bjpeters at
Tue Feb 20 17:47:51 PST 2001

Hello Artur--

"Artur F. Silva" wrote:

> I think that managers (as some consultants?) are sometimes afraid
> of OST because they think they will be unable to "control" the situation.

I would definitely agree that many managers and consultants are out of their
comfort zone when they feel out of control and therefore might not want to use
OS. Most other large group methods are more structured, therefore seem more like
other meetings, therefore feel safe...

> Admitting that it is not (or at least that it is difficult) how can we regain
> the "expert role" that is so valued in our society? Combining OS with
> other tools, methods or "specialised knowledge"? Concentrating
> in training instead of consultancy? (a trainer is always an "expert"
> by definition - if he "does nothing with elegance" he can always claim
> (or be understood by others) as a specialist in "non directive training
> methods"...)

I believe the most basic and profound premise of Open Space Technology is that
the wisdom (expertise) to create whatever the group wants is IN THE ROOM. To do
anything to indicate that I, as facilitator, am somehow "more" expert than
anyone in the room is totally compromising that basic premise and would create
cognitive dissonance - real disparity between what I said and what I did.
Therefore, I can't conceive that any OST facilitator would want to "regain the
'expert role'". If I want to support people's belief - in their own wisdom and
power and passion and responsibility - and to hold the space for their creative
energy to flow and manifest, I CANNOT think, act or BE the expert; I can only be
authentically present and hold the space open.

When I need to be perceived as expert, I know my ego nature has the upper hand.
When my ego nature is in that upper place, my spirit nature cannot be present to
hold space open.

Well... I guess I feel strongly about this. Thanks for listening with your eyes.

BJ Peters

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