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Nobody, but nobody, can unlurk like my dear friend Florian Fischer.

WEY to go, Florian!

Ralph Copleman

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Dear friends.
I have a friend who obviously is making progress in talking the leading
politicians of a city nearby into arranging a (or probably quite a few)
Open Space meetings. The thought is to invite the whole city of 80 000 to
have a dialoge concerning the future of the city!! Has anybody bumpt into
this kind of crazy ideas? Any suggestions?? I read some about the events
arranged in Canada and I'll have a look at OSI Canada later on.
Greetings Thomas

Thomas Herrmann
Pensévägen 4
434 46 Kungsbacka, Sweden

Tfn (+46) 0300-713 89 (home)
     (+46) 031-775 13 38 (work)

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