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>Dear Open Space folks
>Hi.  I am Kathleen Pichola, from Cleveland, Ohio and new to the world of
>consulting. I have been a private practice psychotherapist for the past
>12 years.  I ended this practice in May of 98 and am moving toward new
>work that involves larger groups of people and transformation that
>affects many. I have been aware of openspace for several years and have
>attended several trainings with Harrison and Birgitt.  However, I have
>not done any consulting to date.  I feel ready to open this new work for
>myself by going out into the world and opening spaces, but have many
> My passion lives with the public school systems.  I was an educator or
>10 years before I trained as a psychologist.  I would love to help
>children everywhere by improving the ways in which schools meet
>children's needs.

You have yourself a good one! Actually, Open Space has had quite a run in
Education, although you certainly wouldn't guess it by its popularity or fame.
NEA once did a meeting for 500 of its folks and then several follow ons -- Also
you might want to check in with Elizabeth Ennis, who was, and I think still is,
deputy Super. for District 214 on the North Shore of Chicago. When last heard
from, she had used Open Space with her Principals, apparently to good effect.
Her phone number is 847-364-8603, and if that doesn't work, I have an email
somewhere. Also check with Anne Stadler, who has been working with a whole
school that apparently does its stuff in Open space. <annestad at earthlink.net>

 I didn't do much with your questions -- all good ones -- but check with the
folks who have been there.


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