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Dear Karen

My book is entitled THE STRATEGY LED BUSINESS: step-by-step strategic
planning for small and medium sized companies (McGraw-Hill Business
Paperback, 1996, 224 pp), ISBN 0-07-709 285-6.  Don't be put off with the
business label, as the model is virtually the same for public sector and
voluntary organisations.  In fact, Dr. Gerard Egan from Loyola University
of Chicago and I share the same model, except his has different labels.  We
both agree these models are universal.

If you have any problem sourcing my book in America, McGraw-Hill Europe
have copies and can be faxed from the US on 00 44 1628 770 224.

Thanks for your interest.


Kerry Napuk
Open Futures Ltd.

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I have Opened the Space in a number of Strategic Planning Processes. There
is one brief story of its used with the Royal Bank Risk Management on my
web-site. In that case, the vision was developed by the senior team. The
Strategic Directions were developed in the Open Space with the participants
given the freedom to act on what they developed, up to a budget of $100,000.
The Open Space report became the basis for the senior team in developing the
formal "plan" that was to be submitter to the CEO. However, those involved
in the Open Space were already acting on the plan the day after the left the
event. It meant that the three-year plan was largely completed in 2 years.
Henry Mintizberg's new book "Strategy Safari" helps to unpack most of the
traditional planing processes in some useful ways. Open Space enables an
organization to deal with the emergent, by letting key elements of the plan
emerge and by establishing a community of people who can respond to the
unexpected. To me it is always an interaction between the "intentional"
planning process and developing the capability to deal with the "emergent"
opportunities and challenges than cannot be anticipated.


Larry Peterson
Associates in Transformation
41 Appleton Ave., Toronto, ON,
Canada, M6E 3A4
Tel:/Fax: 416-653-4829

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If any of you are going to be near Ottawa, Canada on November 27th then join
us for an OSI Canada Gathering as described below. More information is
available on the OSI Canada Web Site: .


Next OSI Canada Meeting - November 27

The Open Space Institute of Canada is hosting a one-day opportunity for
those who are using Open Space Technology or have experienced it and wanting
to become OSI members. We will use Open Space to explore the use of Open
Space with other facilitation approaches.

OS practitioners frequently facilitate events and/or long term processes
which, because of their nature, require a variety of approaches. Where does
Open Space fit in? When is it appropriate to flow from one process to
another and how does one go about it? What other techniques do you use and
want to discuss? Does the size of the group matter? In other words...

        What are the challenges and opportunities for using Open Space with
        other facilitation approaches?

These are some of the questions you may be interested in exploring with
other practitioners. Bring your experience, your passion, your questions,
your thoughts, your energy and your caring to strengthen the spirit and
support in our common quest for deeper learning.

Details :       Saturday November 27, 1999
                8 :30 to 4 :00
Ottawa Athletic Club
2525 Lancaster Road, 2nd level, Event Centre
Ottawa, Ontario

Cost :          $ 40.00 OSIC members (includes lunch)
                $ 50.00 non-members ($10 can be applied to membership)

Please pre-register so we can ensure lunch is provided for everyone. To
register, contact Jacqueline Pelletier:

By Phone :      (613) 748-0173
By Fax :        (613) 749-0662
By Email :      jacqpell at

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