Visual Proceedings

Robert Chaffe Robert.Chaffe at
Sun Oct 17 21:11:32 PDT 1999


Printing and displaying the product of the workshops in the space on the
wall near where the computers are is very visual and with some careful
arrangement and help from the participants it can become a real market
place to question conclusions, add more information and stimulate the
running of new sessions.  At our last Open space event we had an ilustrater
present who captured the proceedings in the form of sketches (see
"" for copies).  If I had a similar conference to do
again I whould have an active link to the internet with the proccedings and
news sent out on a continuious basis, with the chance for feedback from
those who can't be present in person.   Again I am reminded to be careful
with  complexity and only use it if you are confident that is suits the
contract with the client and the participants.

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