Artur F. Silva artsilva at
Fri Oct 8 18:21:24 PDT 1999

At 18:08 08-10-1999 -0400, Audrey Coward wrote:
>> Idid not send an attachment with mypoem.

When you send/receive a message without attachments virus will not spread.

i received the virus from afriend about two weeksago . I didn't know nor
did she that it was a virus. I opened it and it did no damage to my computer.

No one else has informed me that it has been attaching itself to my e-mails.
And, no it is not; if you send a simple message (without attachments) virus
will NOT

HELP! does anybody know what I should be doing?

Install in your computer an anti-virus that is 1)recent and 2) able to control
virus sentfrom the Internet (normally within macros of attached files).

And/or NEVER open any attachementes unless you are sure aboiut the source;
meaning, the source must have tha same protection measures above...


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