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Artur F. Silva artsilva at
Fri Oct 8 16:45:52 PDT 1999

At 23:23 08-10-1999 +0200, koos de heer wrote:
>Hi Chris,
>At 01:16 08-10-1999 -0700, you wrote:
>>Could anybody tell me if I got happy.exe if I receive the list in digest
>>form?  I didn't see an attachment to Audrey's email, just a lot of ASCII
>the ascii gibberish is the encoded attachment.
>(that's one of the reasons it is not such a good
>idea to send attachments.)
>if you see the gibberish, the attachment has
>not been decoded and can not harm you.
In addition: normaly this means that the sender has coded the attachement
in a certais code mode (ex: MIME or BinHex) and your systems is translating
it in a different code mode.

If you are receiving an attachement from a person that you Know, try to
ask what is the code mode and change yours in accordance. You normally have
a "tools" or "options" function where you can change that.

If you receive an attachment from a mailing lis or someone you don't know
NEVER oppen it. And, if you do, at least desable all the macros...



PS: I will present myself soon...

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