"Open Space A to Z Contest

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Thu Oct 7 09:13:15 PDT 1999

This is irresistable!

All bewildered --
complexity, diversity, even flagrant griping.
Hoping integration joins knowledge, love
  making new opportunities, possibilites quite real.
Saving time, understanding values,
  waking xenophobic yes-people...

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From: ralphsc <ralphsc at EARTHLINK.NET>
Date: Wednesday, October 06, 1999 6:20 AM
Subject: Re: "Open Space A to Z Contest

>The Open Space A to Z Contest is off to a rousing start: six entries on
>the first day alone!
>The prize, John Adams new book, "Thinking Today as if Tommorrow
>Mattered," is a thoughtful presentation of how what we've learned about
>changing consciousness in organizations can be applied to larger,
>planet-sized challenges, in particular our worldwide environmental
>crisis.  Normally $14.95, it can be yours free if yours is the winning A
>to Z entry.
>Try it for fun.  Can you do better than this?
>As beautiful collections debate,
>Every field grows.
>How I journey!
>Keen love means no overture pressed quickly rules.
>Simple time undulates, veers.
>Wisdom x-tends your zenith.
>There's a poet in you.  You know it.  Just remember your first time in
>open space.
>Ralph Copleman

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