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Brigit and David,
You seem concerned that the process of knowledge management is some kind of
spiritual rip off.  I am not suggesting that OST might be used to capture the
essential essence of people and leave them less than they were, or their
system less that it was.

The truth is that knowledge has always been managed in every culture.  Some
of them write it down, and some of them tell stories and some sing songs.
But knowledge has always been managed.  Even widom.  When you read a book by
a spiritual teacher you are experiencing knowledge about spritual issue that
has been managed (clarified, refined, given context, leverged, applied to
varied contexts, written down, etc). The followers of that teacher have
probably arranged speaking engagements for her or him so that they could see
the wisdom spread more effectively.  That is managing the proliferation of

The education you received took place within a system where knowledge was

When a experienced nurse in a neo natal unit says "this baby doesn't look
right" inspite of the readings on the monitor and saves the babies life then
other staff need to know what she was picking up on so that they can save a
live or two themselves. Making her tacit knowledge explicit is one of the
things that knowledge management is about.

I don't get what you guys are saying.

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Call me cynical.  When I hear "Knowledge Management", I don't get an
immediate image of storytelling and collecting wisdom from the elders.  Some
of the phrasing used renders images of "harvesting".  It seems to be my
problem with the language.

I do get the "journal" and don't recall articles on topics suggesting the
honoring of people or spirit.

Live Well, Think BIG,


David C. Rupley, Jr., MD
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